Do you like travelling?


Would you like to spend a week in a small, beautiful, unknown, country?


Do you like meeting new people?



Summer in Slovak nature


We offer you an opportunity to meet new people in our international workcamp. You can be involved in the reconstruction activities in the open-air museum in Pribylina. We will work  at a railway exposition. In addition, we offer you also games, adventure, workshops, sitting and singing by a fire, discussions about interesting topics.

Welcome to our kingdom full of fairy-tales and mysterious experiences!!!


We are from “Club of Instructors and facilitators from Košice” – KLIK. Our organisation is called “Ideal Youth Activity” - IMA. It is a youth voluntary, non-government organisation.  Our activities are mainly for youth over seventeen.  We focus on protection of national heritage, historical monuments, and environmental activities. We have 15 years long tradition in organising youth summer camps.





Date: July 6th –14th 2002

Place: Slovakia, in West Tatras, in open-air museum in Pribylina

Participants: 17+,

Communication language:  English

Fee: 25€ doesn`t include travel expenses and insurance